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Funwe Farm Ltd (FFL) is a Malawian company, founded in 2002 with registration number 6330. Its shareholders are Jon Lane and Carrie Osborne, and its Directors are Jon Lane (Managing Director), Carrie Osborne (Development Director), Ronald Mataya, James Mchakama (Company Secretary) and Tom Adlam.

The vision of the company is a better way of life for Malawian people. Its main objectives are to create rural employment, increase availability of inputs for smallholder farmers and improve food security. It achieves this by operating as a commercial company producing high-quality certified seed and other inputs to sell to several hundred thousand Malawian smallholder farmers.
FFL has two leasehold farms totalling 1,040 hectares, a basic processing facility and a network of local agrodealers for marketing its products. It grows and supplies high-quality Malawi Certified Seed: two types of maize seed (open pollinated variety and hybrid) and five types of legume seeds (pigeon peas, groundnuts, soya beans, beans and cowpeas). It diversifies its income stream with tree seedlings and cross-bred dairy cattle and with a few other minor product lines. The company directly employs 270 people.
 To date FFL has grown and sold over 1,600 tonnes of certified seed which has generated a net gain of at least $25 million to the GDP of Malawi.
The company’s comparative advantages include its vertical integration from land management through to the final retail product, its geographical concentration, its product range of types suited to this climatic zone, and its strong local brand image.